Heroin Intervention

Heroin Intervention in Wisconsin

heroin intervention in wisconsinIf you love someone who is addicted to heroin, you are all too familiar with the devastation drug addiction can cause, not only in the life of the addict, but in the lives of everyone he knows. For those who love him, watching a person fall deeper and deeper into addiction is heartbreaking. More heartbreaking, still, is the suffering that they endure. Relationships fall apart, finances are decimated and emotions are constantly on edge as they wonder if this is the day they will get the call that their loved one has died from an overdose, an infection or being mugged on the street.

Addiction is Serious

Drug addiction is a serious, multifaceted family disease. When you love a drug addict, your life and the life of everyone in your home revolves around the addict and his needs. Everything else in your life becomes secondary as the addict manipulates you into taking care of him physically, financially and emotionally because you think you have no choice. His power over you is absolute: you believe that if you stop supporting him he will die. What’s more, the sad truth is that you may be right. Unfortunately, it is also true that unless he gets well, he will die whether you continue to enable his addiction or not. The vast majority of heroin addicts die within 15 to 20 years of their first experience with the drug if they do not get help.

If you truly want to save your loved ones life, there is only one course of action you can take: get help from skilled interventionist now. Of all of the many drugs of abuse, heroin is perhaps the most dangerous: fatal overdose is common, and it can happen at any time. Furthermore, the increased availability of high quality heroin from Mexico has caused overdose deaths in the U.S. to skyrocket over recent years. If your loved one is injecting the drug, he also may have contracted a deadly infection such as HIV or hepatitis and need medical attention now. There is no time to wait.

If you live in Wisconsin, heroin interventionists are available in several locations throughout the state. Generally, you can find a skilled interventionist through your health care provider or by contacting a non-profit agency such as The Partnership at Drug Free.org. The interventionist will understand your sense of urgency and begin to work with you immediately to find the best way to help your family deal with this disease.

In the first stage of an intervention, the interventionist will deal with you and the addict’s loved ones, giving you the tools you need to cope with your emotions and develop new strategies to encourage your loved one to choose to get well. Next, he will guide you in your choice of a treatment facility that is suited to your loved one’s age, emotional state, level of addiction and medical needs. Then, when you and your family are ready, he will help you calmly and rationally tell your loved one how you feel and how important it is to you that he enters treatment and begins to get well. “Tough love,” such as threats of withdrawing physical, emotional and financial support are rarely necessary and are used only as a last resort. Most addicts enter rehab willingly following an intervention; the real challenge is keeping them there.

Don’t wait until it is too late; call a trained professional now. With continued guidance, education and emotional support, you and your family can reclaim your power and defeat the addiction that is destroying your lives. It is a long and difficult process, but together you can heal.

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