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Meth Intervention in Wisconsin

meth intervention in wisconsinIf you or a loved one are suffering from an addiction to meth, you may feel alone and overwhelmed. Meth is a highly addictive drug that can lead to severe health complications and mental health conditions. It can even lead to death. It is vital for individuals suffering from a meth addiction to seek professional help immediately in order to improve their chances of successful recovery. Of an estimated 23 million substance abusers in the United States alone, only an estimated 2.5 million individuals received treatment in the year 2012 ( Individuals suffering with an addiction do not always choose to seek out help on their own, which is when intervention comes in.

What Is An Intervention?

Meth intervention is a process that aims to motivate and inspire a loved one suffering from meth addiction to go into a rehabilitation or other treatment facility. It is led by a professionally trained interventionist who is able to utilize current techniques to help the individual identify their addiction as harmful and realize the consequences it has.

What Are the Risks of Prolonged Meth Use?

Meth is known for causing mental illness and also worsens preexisting conditions. It has been linked to bipolar disorder, post traumatic stress disorder, and can cause hallucinations long after the individual stops using the drug.
Regular meth users are susceptible to a variety of health problems. The skin, teeth, and hair take a beating from meth. Sores, inflammation, acne, and other raised bumps may appear on the skin. Teeth may rot and even fall out if not cared for properly. Besides attacking the body’s exterior, meth creates problems for internal organs such as the heart and lungs.
Regular meth use can lead to death by cardiac arrest, lung disease, or cancer. It weakens the body’s immune system as well, making it more susceptible to illness and disease. To avoid serious health complications, meth users should seek treatment immediately. Unfortunately, few meth users voluntarily go into treatment, which is why intervention is such a vital process. With help from a skilled interventionist, your loved one may choose to begin their path towards recovery, before it is to late.
Meth is a serious drug that requires immediate intervention. If your loved one is not able to come to terms with their addiction, you can seek help for them on your own. Meth intervention in Wisconsin can be the solution you need for your loved one. Contact an interventionist today to get started.

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