Interventionist in Wisconsin

interventionist in wisconsin

You may not be an expert, but you know the signs. Someone you love – a family member or friend – has a drug or alcohol problem. He or she is an addict and you know it. What can you do? How can you help? Your best answer may be a call to an Interventionist in Wisconsin.

What is intervention?

Simply put, intervention is a way of getting addicts into treatment and making sure they stay there. The getting in part is easy. In most cases, it takes little persuading for an addict to agree to enter the treatment process. Many addicts admit to a desire to “get clean.” Staying clean is often another matter. What has been accomplished if the addict voluntarily enters treatment and then walks out two days later?

Intervention is a way of assuring that the addict will not only enter treatment but will stay there. It involves both the addict and family members in a two- to three-day process with the intention of changing the dynamics of the family unit. The idea is to get the addict to form a different path than the one that led to the addiction in the first place.

What is an interventionist?

An interventionist in Wisconsin uses a model called S.M.A.R.T. It is tailored to the needs and conditions of each family unit. Within family meetings, the addict is invited, on his or her own time, to participate in sessions and talk about the addiction. The goal is to find a life free of addiction and how to keep it that way.

The interventionist method works in large part because of the deep understanding of addiction problems. The interventionists have been there, either because of the addiction problems of family members or their own.

With intervention, the entire family becomes the empowering unit. Treatment and recovery are just part of the process that returns the addict to a life free of dependency on substances. If you have a loved on in Wisconsin who suffers from addiction, make the call. Let us become the first step in the recovery process. We know how and we can help.