Green Bay Interventionist

Green Bay Interventionist

green bay interventionist

Is your loved one engaging in some type of self-destructive behavior but refusing to get help? If so, then you should consider contacting a Green Bay Interventionist. Interventionists have been trained to work with people who are battling all types of problems, including drug addiction, eating disorders, depression and anxiety. When intervention is done the correct way, it can be very effective.

What Happens During An Intervention?

You may be wondering, “What exactly is an intervention?” An intervention is a process that involves the friends, family members and other people who care about the person battling the addiction. These people confront the person and talk to him or her about the consequences of the addiction. The Green Bay Interventionist will help you plan the intervention. He or she will also attend the intervention in order to make sure that things stay on track. The main goal of an intervention is to encourage a person to seek treatment.The actual intervention process can vary. However, interventionists typically request that the family members and friends of a loved write a letter that details the effects that the addiction is having on their lives. The letters will also state what they plan to do if the person refuses to go to treatment. If people see that their addiction is having a negative impact on their loved ones, then they will be much more likely to accept treatment. Some people who have an addiction do not realize that they are hurting their loved ones. They will also see that their loved ones truly care about them.

People are advised to not let their loved one know about the intervention. The person may not show up if he or she knows that the intervention is getting ready to take place. In most cases, one person is appointed in order to make sure that the person shows up to the intervention. After everyone has come to the meeting place, the interventionist will state what the meeting is for and each person will read their letter out loud.

What Happens After The Intervention?

The person will usually agree to enter treatment after his or her family friends have read the letters.

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