Racine Interventionist

Racine Interventionist

Racine Interventionist

Drug and alcohol addiction can be life threatening. Addiction is difficult to resolve and in many cases, addicts do not want to enter treatment. If you have a loved one who is struggling with an addiction, you should know that help is available in the form of intervention. Learn more about this highly effective process and how it can help your loved one begin their journey towards recovery.

What Does An Interventionist Do?

An interventionist acts as a neutral party and is able to provide the encouragement and motivation that your loved one needs to begin a successful recovery. Intervention is a process in which all individuals are able to communicate openly and efficiently. It is often times a necessary process because individuals suffering from addiction do not always seek out help on their own. Often times, they may wait until the addiction has already caused health complications or legal problems for them.

According to SAMHSA’s 2014 National Survey on Drug Use and Health, only 2.5 of 23.1 million people received treatment for drug and alcohol addictions at a specialized facility (samhsa.gov). Instead of waiting for your loved one to want to seek help, you can jumpstart their path to sobriety with intervention.

Drug Abuse Health Complications

Not all drugs affect the body in the same way. However, a few areas of concern are true for all illegal substances. Drugs and alcohol can impair the brain and decrease cognitive functions and critical thinking skills over time. They weaken the body’s immune system as well, resulting in a higher chance of contracting illnesses or diseases.

Some of the most common health conditions associated with prolonged drug use include lung cancer, lung disease, brain cancer, cardiac complications, and respiratory problems. Drug users can significantly reduce their risk of developing serious health complications by seeking treatment immediately for their addiction. Not all drug users are open to receiving treatment though. An interventionist is able to help them see the reality of their addiction and the benefits that treatment will have on their life.

A Racine interventionist can help your loved one break the cycle of addiction and realize how it is truly affecting their life. Intervention is an intricate and structured process with a high success rate. Contact an interventionist today to get started.

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